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Facing a Small Claims lawsuit? Defend yourself!

Winning lawyers go to court with a trial presentation. You can too!

With step-by-step guidance, build your JusticeDirect Trial Presentation™ so you can convince the Judge at your California Small Claims Court hearing.

Present a Convincing Case in Small Claims Court with JD Trial Presentation

Be Ready

Get detailed court info and to-dos, so you know exactly what to do before, during, and after your small claims court hearing.

Be Organized

Include all your important facts and evidence so the Judge can easily understand your story during the hearing.

Be Convincing

Present your story clearly and succinctly with supporting evidence. Have everything you need to effectively respond to the judge’s questions.

It’s as Easy as


Send a Settlement Letter to the Plaintiff with your settlement terms to try and resolve the case out of court.


With a guided process, build your defense, create a court statement, complete your timeline, and upload important evidence to complete your case. 


Receive your completed JD Trial Presentation™ along with how-to instructions for your day in court.

Print and bring to your Small Claims hearing so you can effectively present your case and convince the Judge.

Winning lawyers use trial presentations. So can you.

Small Claims Court hearings are typically only 15-30 minutes. You must be effective and efficient in presenting your case within that limited time.

A strong trial presentation includes several key components to help you win:
(1) A defendant statement to summarize your story (you don’t owe any money, you owe less, or that you can only pay in smaller payments over time);
(2) A comprehensive timeline;
(3) All your key evidence;
(4) Supporting documentation to recover costs and show that you followed all the necessary court procedures.

You may want to send a Settlement Letter if you haven’t yet.