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Formally demand payment from the other party.  If that doesn’t work, get step-by-step help to file your Small Claims case.

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Why are you owed money?

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How JusticeDirect Works

Send a Demand Letter

A formally worded letter demanding payment will often convince the other party to pay, as they too want to avoid a lawsuit.

Take Legal Action

*California only

Demand letter didn’t work?  Take them to Small Claims Court.  Learn how much you can sue for and what a judge would look for in a winning case.  Get completed court forms, avoid mistakes, with instructions to file your case and officially notify the other side.

Go to Court Prepared

*California only

Take the stress out of preparing for your Small Claims Court hearing.  JusticeDirect Trial Presentation organizes all the relevant case information you provide so you can put together a strong and persuasive argument to present in front of a judge.

Behind the Product

Millions of people each year represent themselves in small claims and civil court because they cannot afford a lawyer. JusticeDirect is a dedicated group of lawyers, engineers and operators increasing access to justice through the power of technology.

What Our Users Are Saying

My experience was unbelievably amazing. The same day the recipient received your letter she took immediate action and paid me my money that she owed me in over 2 years.

Nancy Oyola
November 15, 2022

So easy to use and prompt response to my questions. Would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking into small claims court. Explains the process and what steps to take.

Michelle Van Stekelenborg
March 8, 2023

Great template, VERY user friendly and easy to use. Attempting to solve these situations are very stressful but using JusticeDirect made it doable. Along with USPS tracking, I also received a confirmation email from JusticeDirect when it was delivered. After using JusticeDirect, and knowing I started the process of trying to get a resolution, it was a huge relief.

Kim Lewis
May 25, 2023