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Demand Letter

Get your money back by sending a letter demanding payment, known as a “Demand Letter.”


Guided Legal Education

Identify and understand the laws relevant to your situation and avoid common mistakes.


Calculate Amount

Determine all the money you may be owed and who may owe you.


Create Letter

Get a customized demand letter stating what you want and what you will do if they don't respond.


Print, Mail, Track, and Store

Send the demand letter using Certified Mail to make sure you are taken seriously (some states require this before you can file a case). JusticeDIrect will print, mail, track, and store your letter.

Take Legal Action

Demand letter didn’t work? Take them to Small Claims Court.


Identify Important Facts

Figure out key things including how much you can sue for, how much it will cost, and legally relevant facts to support your case.


Generate Court Forms

Get completed court forms ready to file with the courts without having to navigate complicated court websites.


Steps to File & Serve

Receive step-by-step instructions on how to file your case to the court and officially notify the other side.

Go to Court Prepared

Take the stress out of preparing for your Small Claims Court hearing with JusticeDirect Trial Presentation. All your relevant case information provided is organized so you will present a strong and persuasive argument in front of the judge.

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Trial Presentation

Your Trial Presentation includes: checklists of what to do before trial and what to expect in court; your statement of exactly what you want to say to the judge; your detailed case timeline including the required events and supporting evidence; an itemized list of damages; and copies of documents to reference during court.