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Being sued for a debt? Send a Settlement Letter!

Resolve your lawsuit outside of court and avoid unnecessary fees and hassle. Send a settlement letter offering to settle the dispute on your terms.

Answer simple questions and send a customized settlement letter in 10 minutes!

Avoid Going to Court with a Settlement Letter

Control the Outcome

State exactly what you want to get the case dismissed without the uncertainty of a trial. The other party may end up accepting a lower payment too.

Fast & Affordable

Creating a settlement letter takes only 15 minutes. Avoid the time and expenses of going to court.

Easy & Convenient

Send the letter via certified mail (complete with tracking) with just a single click on your phone or computer.

It’s as Easy as


Enter facts about your problem, like why you are being sued, how much money they think you owe, and when it all happened.


Suggest an amount you can pay now or later to settle the case. If you think you don’t owe anything, explain why clearly.


Send certified mail, with tracking, right from your phone or computer.  No need to print or go to the post office.  




Creating the letter is free, preview before you pay.

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Sending a Settlement Letter Can Help You Avoid Court

If you are sued by someone, you will be asked to defend yourself in court before a judge. However, you can first send a settlement letter to try and resolve the issue out of court.  

A strong settlement letter, like the JusticeDirect Settlement Letter, outlines your side of the story and what you want (for example, you don’t owe any money, you owe less than they claim, or that you can only pay in smaller payments over time). It also asks the other party to drop the case if they agree to your terms. By sending a settlement letter, you can have more control over the outcome without the uncertainty of a trial.



What makes JusticeDirect's settlement letters different from others?

  • Customizable: You can customize the letter by answering simple questions about your case.
  • Professional: It will be written in a professional format that the other party will be more likely to take seriously.
  • Fast: It takes 15 minutes to create a customized letter from your phone or computer.
  • Affordable: Building the letter is free, or you can have us print and send it through certified mail with tracking with a single click.

Why should I send a settlement letter?

A settlement letter is a formal letter you can send to the other party that just sued you to ask that they dismiss the case against you. It is a great option as it allows you to control the outcome, avoid a trial, and keep the dispute private. 

Do I have to send a settlement letter before going to court?

No, but it’s a great option to try and resolve the case without going to court. With the settlement letter, you can control the outcome of the dispute by providing the terms for the other party to accept. If they do, they will dismiss the case and you will avoid going to trial. The added benefit is that the dispute remains private, because once the case goes to trial, then it becomes public information.

How long does it take to send a settlement letter with JusticeDirect?

It takes about 15 minutes, and you can do it right from your computer or phone.

Why should I send the letter through USPS certified mail?

When you send a document through certified mail, the other party will know that you mean business and to take the matter seriously. It also comes with a tracking number, so you can confirm that they received it.

What happens if a settlement letter is ignored?

If the person receiving the settlement letter does not respond or refuses to dismiss the case, you will need to go to the court hearing as scheduled. If you were sued in Small Claims Court in California, you can prepare for your court hearing with JusticeDirect! Defend with Confidence with JusticeDirect Trial Presentation™.

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