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Being sued for a debt? Send a Settlement Letter!

Resolve your dispute outside of court and avoid unnecessary fees and hassle. Send a settlement letter offering to settle the dispute with your terms.

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Why do you need to send a Settlement Letter?

Select why you were sued to start.

Respond to Your Lawsuit with a Settlement Letter

Save Time & Money

Sending a settlement letter is a simple and free way to try and resolve the issue without spending time in court.

Control the Outcome

State exactly what you want from the other party to get the case dismissed without the uncertainty of a trial.

Easy & Convenient

No printing, no stamps, no lines. You can mail your settlement letter via USPS certified mail with tracking in just 15 minutes, right from your phone or computer.

It’s as Easy as


First, provide information about your dispute through a guided interview process.


Second, provide the settlement terms you are willing to offer and to formally request for a case dismissal.  If you don’t believe you owe anything, explain it clearly.


Finally, track your letter when you send it via certified mail with a single click.  Most importantly, achieve peace of mind that your message is reaching its intended recipient.

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