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Kim Lewis

March 24, 2023

Great template, VERY user friendly and easy to use. Attempting to solve these situations are very stressful but using JusticeDirect made it doable. Along with usps tracking, I also received a confirmation email from JusticeDirect when it was delivered. After using JusticeDirect, and knowing I started the process of trying to get a resoultion, it was a huge relief.

Eff Bee

March 24, 2023

Excellent value for the service provided. Sent a demand letter for breach of contract on my cell phone from the couch and the other party resolved the conflict immediately. Excellent value for the service provided.


February 25, 2023

Great all I had to do was give them the info and they did the rest.

Leanna Ruvalcaba

February 1, 2023

Definitely very helpful to me and supported my case with the demand letter. It was easy for me to put together since it was as I say “fill in the blanks” definitely recommend for those who have small claims and need or want a demand letter to avoid court.

Kadeen Thompson

January 3, 2023

Was too easy ... highly recommend.

Elizabeth Oppong

November 4, 2022

When I first came to you guys, I didn't know where to start or what to do. You guys were very helpful and you made the process really easy. Thank you.

T. Peterson

October 2, 2022

The letter worked. I got my money... Thanks.


September 7, 2022

Great experience. Resolved my issue with the demand letter promptly.

Jim P.

August 19, 2022

Great experience. Prompt response and resolution to my email request.

Theresa W.

July 21, 2022

I came across JusticeDirect after being scammed out of $2000 when I purchased a vehicle from an individual whom I thought was trustworthy. So, I looked up what I could do legally to try and get my money back. JusticeDirect was clear on what needed to be done and the website was super easy to use. I got multiple options to choose from. I was able to print a demand letter for free after using their template. I also went ahead and paid the fee to have them send a certified letter on my behalf for a very reasonable amount. The best part about it was how I was informed by email every step of the way, so I wasn't wondering what was going on. JusticeDirect provided the best service. If you want to represent yourself and know what is needed at every step, you need to check into this site first. I would trust them with all my legal issues if they may arise in the future. Thank you JusticeDirect.

Molly S.

November 17, 2021

Justice Direct was incredibly helpful during such a stressful time! They made the process so easy and user friendly.

Ylah Amore

March 24, 2023

Very quick and easy process to get my letter typed up and sent out in regards to a legal matter. Definitely will recommend!

Joanne McCullough

March 10, 2023

Very professional and quick responses! Demand letter was expertly written. Would highly recommend!

Michelle Van Stekelenborg

March 8, 2023

So easy to use and prompt response to my questions. Would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking into small claims court. Explains the process and what steps to take.

Carmen Esquivel

January 31, 2023

I used this service, and the demand letter helped me get paid, I sent it to the agency via email and advised her I was going to send it in the mail she paid me the next day. I forgot to cancel the membership. I called and they gave me a one-time refund. No questions just gave me my refund. I actually got my refund today!

Local LLC

December 14, 2022

This is a paid review, as in I paid for services not knowing if it would work or even be legit.  I'm astonished! And very grateful. Got a receipt, and tracking number very fast. Then out of the blue the crook who was going to rip me off, sent a photo of the demand letter attached to a signed check. Our rent and Christmas are saved. Took less than a week in total. Don't tell them, show them you mean business utilizing JusticeDirect services. This guy MF'd me over the phone but paid up once he got a certified letter. Thank you, my family thanks you!

Katie Peterson

October 15, 2022

Affordable. Well drafted letter. Fast shipment. Wish they did more for having to pursue a case.

Kim Lee

September 12, 2022

This was a very easy experience thank you I followed the instructions and answered the questions and got exactly what I was looking for thank you so much for making this so easy and for being so helpful I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that needs your help.

Chris Ives

August 16, 2022

Fast and easy directions. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Palumbo

August 17, 2022

Unfortunately, I had to use your service because someone owed me money. This service was VERY simple to use. Thank you for making a "not so pleasant" situation, not so unpleasant.

J Taylor

August 8, 2022

They made it easy and the letter was perfect will definitely use again and pass on to people who need help with proper constructing letters, thanks for helping.

Erika Meneses

May 23, 2022

Great service saved me $500. Sending the letter took 10 min and no trip to post office. I will definitely use this service in the future again.

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