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Someone owes you money. Send a Demand Letter!

The most efficient and effective way to get back the money you are owed is through a demand letter.

*Takes 10 minutes to get a FREE custom demand letter!

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Why do you need to send a Demand Letter?

Select what applies best to you to start.

Avoid Court with a Demand Letter

Fast & Affordable

Creating a letter takes only 10 minutes and is completed free.  Also, many users got their money back after just this step!

Custom & Effective

Show you’re serious about getting paid with a professionally written letter.  Above all, the letter is customized just for you!

Easy & Convenient

No printing, no post office, and no lines. Instead, mail your demand with certified mail, while using only your phone or computer.



It’s as Easy as

demand letter step 1


First, provide information about your dispute through a guided interview process.  For example, explain how much money you are owed and when it happened.

demand letter step 2


Second, choose how you want to be paid and when it needs to be paid to craft your customized letter – not one built from a generic template.

demand letter step 3


Finally, track your letter when you send it via certified mail with a single click.  Most importantly, achieve peace of mind that your message is reaching its intended recipient.

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