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Why do you need to send a demand letter?

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Avoid Court with a Demand Letter

Custom & Effective

Use a professionally written and customized demand letter for payment to show that you are serious, and will take them to court if they don’t pay.

Fast & Affordable

Creating a demand letter takes only 10 minutes. Get your money back without the time and expenses of court.

Easy & Convenient

Send the letter via certified mail (complete with tracking) with just a single click on your phone or computer.

It’s as Easy as

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Provide details, such as how much money you are owed, who owes you the money, and when it happened.

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Customize your letter by choosing how you want to be paid and deciding when you must be paid.

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Send your letter via certified mail, complete with tracking. No printing or going to the post office.




Creating the letter is free, preview before you pay.

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Send a Demand Letter for Payment

When someone owes you money, the first step is to send them a formal letter asking for it, commonly known as a demand letter. In many situations, disputes can be settled just by sending the letter.

A custom demand letter for payment includes the important facts. It explains why the other party owes you money, how much they owe, and warns them that legal action will be taken if they don’t pay. It’s a serious message that puts pressure on them to resolve the dispute so they can avoid going to court.



What makes JusticeDirect's demand letters different from others?

  • Customizable: You can customize your letter by answering simple questions about your case.
  • Professional: It is written in a professional format that the other party will be more likely to take seriously.
  • Fast: It usually takes 10 minutes to create a customized letter from your phone or computer.
  • Affordable: Building the letter is free, or you can have us print and send it through certified mail with tracking with a single click.

Is a demand letter something to take seriously?

Absolutely! It shows you’re serious and determined to get the money you’re owed. Many people get paid after they send a demand letter and avoid having to go to court. It explains why someone owes you money, what you want them to do, and when they need to do it by. If they don’t take action, you could take legal action against them.

Do I have to send a demand letter before I take someone to court?

You may need to provide proof that you made a formal request for payment before you can file a lawsuit, and sometimes it’s required that the demand was sent via certified mail.

Why should I send the letter through USPS certified mail?

  • When you send a document through certified mail, the other party will take the matter seriously. It also comes with a tracking number, so you can confirm that they received it.
  • In some courts, you may need proof that you made a formal demand before you can take legal action, and some may require that you send that demand through certified mail.

What happens if a demand letter is ignored?

If the person receiving the demand letter does not respond or refuses to pay you, you can take legal action against them. This means you can sue them in court to get your money back.

If the amount you’re owed is within the Small Claims limit set by your state, you can file a case in Small Claims Court. If you are filing a case in California, you can use JusticeDirect! 

Learn more about how to File a Small Claims Case in California!

What if the other party doesn’t speak English?

If the other party doesn’t speak English, you can create your demand letter in Spanish with JusticeDirect.

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