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Get detailed court info and to-dos, so you know exactly what to do before, during, and after your small claims court hearing.

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Include all your important facts and evidence so the Judge can easily understand your story during the hearing.

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Present your story clearly and succinctly with supporting evidence. Have everything you need to effectively respond to the judge’s questions.

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JusticeDirect Trial Presentation™:

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Guided Legal Education

Completed Court Forms

File & Serve Instructions

Winning lawyers use trial presentations. So can you.

Court hearings are typically only 15-30 minutes. To win in Small Claims Court, you must be effective and efficient in presenting your case within that time.

A strong trial presentation includes several key components to help you win in small claims court:
(1) An opening statement to summarize your case;
(2) A comprehensive timeline to support your case;
(3) All your key evidence;
(4) Supporting documentation to recover costs and show that you followed all the necessary court procedures.

Review Small Claims Court Filing if you haven’t filed your case yet.



What do I need to do before I attend my Small Claims Court hearing?

Being well-prepared for your Small Claims hearing will increase your chances of winning. There are many things you can do to be prepared, such as attending another Small Claims hearing to see how court is conducted. With the JD Trial Presentation™ you will receive a checklist of things to do so you will be well-prepared for your day in court.

What should I say and bring for my court hearing?

  • With limited time (15-30 minutes) to present your case to the Judge, you will want to be effective and efficient with your answers. During this time, both parties will be questioned, so you will want to have references on hand to quickly answer those questions without any delays or hesitation.
  • The most important thing to bring is evidence that will help prove your story. The JD Trial Presentation™ will help you organize all your evidence in a chronological timeline with page number references so the Judge can easily find what is needed.

What if I can’t attend my small claims hearing?

If you can’t attend your hearing, you can submit a form SC-150 (Request to Postpone Trial) to reschedule your hearing to a different time.

What if the Defendant doesn’t show up to the small claims hearing?

  • If the Defendant doesn’t show up to the hearing, you may still have to present the case to the judge before you are awarded a judgment.  
  • You may receive a “default” judgment against the Defendant.  The Defendant may choose to “cancel” or “vacate” this default judgment if they had a valid reason for not being able to attend.

How long after my small claims hearing would I get my result?

The result after your hearing is commonly referred to as a judgment. It typically takes 3-7 business days after the hearing to receive the judgment.

In some cases, you may receive your judgment on the day of your hearing. 

The judgment will have information on who owes money (if any), how much, and the next steps.

What happens after my court hearing?

  • If you win: as the Plaintiff, winning your court case means the other party owes you money. The judgment will include information on the next steps, including how to collect that money from the other party.
  • If you lose: as the Plaintiff, losing your court case means the other party doesn’t owe you money and unfortunately, you won’t be able to appeal. 

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