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Go to Your Small Claims Hearing Prepared to Win!

Get step-by-step guidance to help you prepare for your Small Claims Court hearing. Have all your case information organized in a compelling way that will impress the Judge.

*Only available to California Small Claims and users who have filed their case using JusticeDirect, if you have not filed your case, start now!

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Why do you want to file a Small Claims case?

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Present a Strong Case to the Judge

Be Ready

Get detailed information with court tips so you know exactly what to do before, during, and after your small claims hearing.

Be Organized

Through a guided interview process, include all your important facts and evidence so the Judge can quickly and clearly understand during your hearing.

Be Convincing

Present your legal arguments clearly with supporting evidence.  Have everything you need to respond to the judge’s questions.

It’s as Easy as


First, strengthen your Small Claims case and comply with court rules by sending a new Demand Letter (it’s free).


Second, through a step-by-step guided process, you will create a court statement, complete your timeline, and upload important evidence to complete your case. 


Finally, receive your completed Trial Presentation along with how-to instructions for your day in court. Print and bring to your Small Claims hearing so you will be ready to present your case to the Judge.

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