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File a Small Claims Court Case in California

Save Time

Figure out key things such as how much you should sue for, how much it will cost you, and relevant laws related to your case.

Avoid Mistakes

Understand the pros and cons to suing so you know you are making the right choice.  If suing is right for you, get generated court forms ready to file with the courts.

Understand Expectations

Learn about all the options on how to file and serve the other party, how much each option costs, and detailed instructions without having to navigate complicated court websites.

It’s as Easy as


First, find out how much you can sue for, what a Judge would look for in order for you to win, and other relevant factors so you can build a complete case from the start.


Second, get completed court forms by answering a couple of questions without having to navigate complicated court websites. Avoid mistakes by getting clear directions to file your case and serve the other side.


Finally, go to your Small Claims Court hearing prepared to win! With the JusticeDirect Trial Presentation, you will give a compelling argument to the judge by being organized and having all your important information in one place.

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